This week with Knacker’s Yard!

Playing tonight at The Irish Times Pub on Government Street.
Live music from 9PM-12AM tonight!

We’re doing a little blitz of shows at The Irish Times this week;
Thursday, May 17th, 9PM-12:30AM
Friday, May 18th, 9PM-12:30AM
Saturday, May 19th, 9PM-12:30AM
Sunday, May 20th, 4PM-7PM
Monday, May 21st, 9PM-12AM

It’s also the weekend of the Victoria Highland Games coming up!
Make sure to check out their website for a program of events and entertainment. We’ll be performing at The Highland Games on Monday May 21st, as well as performing live Scottish, Irish and English folk classics at the Irish Times Pub all weekend!

Hope to see you out!