Month: October 2014

27-10-2014 News

Knacker’s Yard has just completed a second recording! This demo features six songs including “Many Young Men of Twenty Said Good-Bye” written in 1946 by the Irish playwright John B. Keane,  the Scottish traditional border ballad “The Raggle Taggle Gypsy,”  and two traditional Irish reels; “The Swallow-tail” and the “High Reel.”

We’re also very pleased to announce that three original tunes will also be included. “The Milton St. Mine Disaster,” “They’re Happy That You’re Gone,” and two instrumentals (played as one, which is generally the case) entitled “The Sooke River Reel,” and the “Leechtown Reel.”

The recording will be released on our site, as well as on CD.

Knacker’s Yard will be performing at the Irish Times pub, 1200 Government St., from 8:30pm-Midnight, Wednesday, November 5th.
The band will be performing three sets of traditional Scottish, English, and Irish songs.

Knacker’s Yard Update 11-10-2014

A quick update:

Print09-10-2014 Was the “For the Love of Soil” benefit show for the Victoria Compost Education Centre, a non-profit society  promoting composting, organic gardening, conservation, local food production and urban sustainability. A very active society with many free and cheap work shops and classes for anyone interested in growing things. Check out their website: for more information.

The show was at the Fernwood NRG Community Hall on Gladstone. It went off nicely with a very positive and spirited crowd, good food, and beer (lots of beer!). Beer was provided by Hoyne Brewing, located here in Victoria. These guys brew some of our best local ale and are also into community support, so hats off to them! Check out:

We’d like to thank the Compost Education Centre for the opportunity to perform! We had a wonderful time and hope to do it again in the future.

29-09-2014 We performed at Cenote Restaurant and Lounge(, which went very well. It was great to see new people out, as well as many of our  usual guests. We thank you  for the support!

 Just a reminder to our listeners that we do play Cenote on the last Sunday of every month. This month falls on October 26th. We invite everyone back again for that date. Please spread the word!

Also note that we do take requests for these events! So anyone interested in hearing something specific from our repertoire, or something from the general literature, please do not hesitate to write!