This Week: The Irish Times, Chilliwack & Vancouver Events.


Group shot of Knacker’s Yard at The Irish Times Pub with Bronwyn singing “A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday.”

Knacker’s Yard will be at The Irish Times Pub tonight performing from 9PM-12AM; for all our local friends and fans. Tonight is Whiskey Wednesday! Check out the Knacker’s Yard page on Facebook for more Photos, Videos, News and Event Updates.

We’ll be back on the mainland this week, performing at Chilliwack’s Tractorgrease Music Cafe on Thursday night, and at Vancouver’s Dubh Linn Gate Main Street on Saturday Night.

Thursday November 8th
Tractorgrease Music Cafe
48710 Chilliwack Lake Rd, Chilliwack, BC
$15 all ages

Saturday November 10th
Dubh Linn Gate Vancouver
1601 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
No cover.





Knacker’s Yard at the Dubh Linn Gate Whistler! This Weekend!

Knacker’s Yard will be heading to Whistler this weekend!
Hope to see some of our Mainland friends and fans out! It’s going to be a full weekend of drink, dance and music with afternoon concerts too!

Friday November 2nd // 9PM-12AM
Saturday November 3rd // 4PM-5PM and 9PM-12AM
Sunday November 4th // 4PM-5PM and 9PM-12AM

Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub Whistler
4320 Sundial Crescent #170, Whistler, BC
T: 604.905.4047

Also some pictures from last night’s Samhain Celebration at The Irish Times Pub.
Thanks again to all of our regulars at The Times, it wouldn’t be the same without you all!

Announcing: Gangers, Chancers & the Craic – Our NEW ALBUM released July 6, 2018!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 11.20.51 AM

It’s been more than a year since The Dram and the Fray came out and on July 6th, our long-awaited fifth album will be released! This one is a little more special than the others, however, as it was recorded, mixed and mastered here in Victoria by the acclaimed producer and sound engineer, Joby Baker! We had a great time recording it live off the floor with some incredible vintage equipment and managed to lay down a total of 18 tracks in two days, with a third day for final mixing and mastering! It includes some old favourites, as well as some new ones we think you’ll enjoy!

One of the songs we’re most excited about is our recording of the traditional Australian tune, Lachlan Tigers, which features the great Mick Slocum of the Australian band The Bushwackers on vocals (recorded in his own studio in Australia, sent over to Joby and then mixed with our track). Be sure to check it out!

To purchase your own copy, come by to see us perform at any of our upcoming shows or stream the album online for free at

June at a glance!

coach and horses2

Lots of exciting stuff coming up! May was excellent. We had a great time at the Highland Games as well as at the many Irish Times evenings and private events!

June looks pretty insane! First season appearances at the Sidney Street Market(June 14th, 21st, and 28th) as well as the Ship Point Market(June 29th).

We’re also heading out to the Tractor Grease compound in Chilliwack for our fourth appearance(June 7th) and The Dubh Linn Gate Public House in Vancouver(June 8th).

Our Irish Times dates for this month are as follows: June 4th, 6th, 11th, 18th, 20th,  and 25th. We hope to see you out there! Thanks to all of our regulars for making the shows a success!!

Besides that, a big thanks to all who’ve booked us for the many private events this month! Wedding and birthday party season has begun!

Please see listings for details. Cheers!